Whats going on here?

Hey gang, I hope someone here can help out this ignoramus. I have no trouble loading an encryption software program called Cryptainer as well as load my hidden drive while Comodo is running. Closing cryptainer on the other hand is a problem. It causes my system to freeze. Closing Comodo during a windows session prior to closing cryptainer doesn’t help.

Starting Windows without Comodo solves the problem. I really don’t want to give up either program. Anyone have any clue as to why Comodo prevens me from closing cryptainer when I have a hidden drive loaded? When I don’t load the hidden drive through cryptainer, I can close the program fine while comodo is running. I greatly appreciate any help.

Forgot to mention, I am running Windows 7 64 bit

Do the tips in Making programs work with CIS 5 help you out?

Thanks for the response. I actually have sandbox turned off. As a matter of fact, I would like to also turn off the feature that keeps asking me if I want to allow programs to install. All I really want out of this program is a firewall. Would disabling Sandbox security level and defense+ security level be my option here? Would having Firewall Security Level set to safe mode be the only option I need enabled in order to have a good firewall for preventing outgoing and incoming connections? I don’t want to disable Defense+ if it will make my firewall less effective.

Did you try adding the installation folder of Cryptainer to the BO exclusions as described in the tips I pointed to?

CIS will only alert you for installers which are unknown. That is the price to pay I am afraid for a firewall/HIPS combination like CIS.

Like you say disabling D+ will make CIS less effective.