What's difference between free software?

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What difference is there between this free software? ???

1. Comodo Internet Security (FREE)
2. Comodo Firewall (FREE)
3. Comodo Antivirus (FREE)

What is it that one does not have this one?

Which is better for me to install?

(Note: I visit web pages and web site’s, download files and software, install software, Sometimes i use internet banking.)

Comodo Antivirus has the antivirus component, the Defense+ component, and the Sandbox component. It is only missing the firewall component.

Comodo Firewall has the Defense+ component, the Sandbox component, and the Firewall component. It is only missing the antivirus component.

Comodo Internet Security has the antivirus component, the Defense+ component, the Sandbox component, and the Firewall component. It has every component.

If you are planning on running the antivirus component then I would advise you use Comodo Internet Security. If, instead, you plan on running a different antivirus alongside it, then I would advise you install Comodo Firewall or some other strong firewall. I would not advise you running Comodo Antivirus without the firewall component also installed or some other third-party firewall installed alongside it. For full protection I believe you should have a HIPS, an antivirus, and a firewall.

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Why is the anti virus relatively crippled without the firewall component? >:-D

Nothing is crippled.
Chiron merely stated what one gets if only one module is installed.

The reason I said that is that currently, for some types of keyloggers, they are able to read some information from your computer. (Note that they cannot read all, but only some and only under specific circumstances). However, with the firewall component installed the user will receive an alert when they try to send that information out, thus allowing the user to block it. Thus with Defense+ and the Firewall you have complete protection from malware such as keyloggers.

What I had meant by my statement, which was definitely worded much too strongly, was that if you didn’t have a strong enough third-party firewall installed (and had decided not to include Comodo Firewall) you would not receive that alert. Thus some of your information could be transmitted to criminals.

Does that make sense. Comodo Antivirus is definitely not crippled by any meaning of the term. I was wrong to phrase it like that. However, I do strongly suggest that if you are going to install only Comodo Antivirus that you should also install a good third-party firewall alongside it.

I hope I have explained this well enough and made up for my loose language. :embarassed:

Let me know if you have any other questions.


edit: I have changed the wording of my original post to reflect this