What's DACS and what does it stand for

My guess is that it’s a standalone behavioral analyzer that uses CIMA to analyze files in real-time. After all we’ve been promised that for a while. Sort of like the inevitable next evolution of the recently abandoned Comodo Cloud Scanner.

Detailed Analysis Cloud Scanner

What do you think it actually is and what does the acronym stand for? Perhaps one of us will guess correctly and be able to lord it over everyone else. :wink:

Yes I know there have been other topics like this, but this one is entirely devoted to Lord DACS. What’s your guess?

Edit: I was not a moderator when I started this topic

detection of portion code.

It’s very interesting topic, but i think that staff won’t say anything.
Take it easy! Some details(small, please)

I’m not asking staff what is is. (I know they wouldn’t tell anyway >:-D) I’m asking the forum members to guess what they think it is.

I’m curious how close the actual product will be to the people’s guesses.

Dynamic Analysis and Cleaning System?

Sure :wink:
Staff have said that it will be Web based…so your guess is probably.
I haven;t any idea :slight_smile:

Cleaning is reserved for Comodo Cleaning Essentials and will be separate product, with later possibility of being integrated with CIS, while DACS will be integrated from the begining…

Don’t Ask. Can’t Say. :stuck_out_tongue:


Die Adware Cursed Software?

Don’t Ask. Can’t Sleep unless Comodo is keeping me safe ;D

it surely stands for :smiley:

Detect Any Cyper Shit

LMAO! Please don’t light a match !ot!

Detection and Advanced Classification System :-TU

Destructing Anything Coming out of Sanbox

now seriusly
can we stop talking in everyplace about dacs? it starting to feel like a hight spectation promisse
and im sure the name was alrealy hit by someone here or in other post.
but obiusly there will be no confirmation from any mod

Do As Comodo Says 88)

Dominating All Computer Systems

dynamic analysis cloud system

good one!

This is what it really stands for:
DACS Ain’t Coming Soon!