whats better SUPER antispyware or Spybot search and destroy?

im trying to find out whats better SUPER antispyware or Spybot search and destroy?
please tell me.

Im trying Superantispyware pro between SB and it seems that Super has got more options and better ways to quarantine a file unlike SB.

spybot is dead.

superantispyware is one of the best on demand antispyware apps out right now.
you might also want to try malwarebytes antimalware

those are the best two free.


ok well explain how SB is dead?

its database is falling behind compared to others

Spybot (Along with Ad-aware) was something that was recommended 5 years ago. Spybot was one of the top fee antispyware tools available. But now it’s past its prime, and SUPERAntispyware DOES dominate Spybot; In Speed, Detection, Usability, Removal, and updates more frequently (once a day at least MOST of the time).


Hi Dialga :slight_smile:

If the choise is between SAS Pro and SB, I would say defenately SAS Pro :slight_smile: But when it comes to SAS Free and SB it’s another story : SB offers ( some ) real-time protection ( SDHelper and TeaTimer ) and SAS Free doesn’t. However I agree that SAS ( Pro and Free ) is the better on-demand spyware scanner :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

S&D is not dead, it found alot of shit on my dad’s pc and was realy usefull. Why don’t install them both :slight_smile:

And what exactly did Spybot find? Cookies. Spybot is old and outdated. There updates only come once a week or so. It scans very slow and uses alot of CPU time doing so. SAS and MBAM update every single day and are both extremely light. Like 3 said, 5 years ago Spybot and Adaware were where it was at. But now SAS and MBAM is where its at.

SUPERAntiSpyware is much better then Spybot S&D but I still use it mostly the “Immunize” feature but it still detects some spyware that other don’t detect. It was the best about 4-5 years back but not anymore. Now the best are SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.


As said numerous times before : Spybot is outdated and almost useless for now .

SAS and MBAM are the best for now (and Ashampoo antispyware)


Another here for the SAS + MBAM combo.Those two will pick up the majority of nasties between them. :wink:

Is this the antispyware war??? hehehe, I’ve got SAS,SB,ST,MB,AVG Antispyware, Advanced Windows Care and Spyware Blaster

So I prefer to have 8 antispyware, just in case (:AGL)

MiguelAngelXP (V)

If you have Antivirus, why do you need AS? Does the AV program find spyware, and does the AS program find virus? What is the difference between spyware and viruses?

Spyware vs Viruses:

Not all AV’s have anti-spyware built in, usually used for marketing to get you to buy their other AS products.

Ex. Avira free doesn’t have anti spyware, but avast and comodo have both built in

Sigh of relief I have Avast! (and I love it).

jermey…instead of asking simply use the internet for whats it made for . Info. Go to Google and type in your question. Presto. There is your answer. And yes this is me. Vettetech the rebel. If ever you don’t know something simply Google it. You will learn alot more.


I guess so, but maybe another person who didn’t think of searching for it (like me) found these posts, and they helped him.

If you rely on other people to do the leg work for you then you will never grow and learn. Basic principle of education.

 SuperAntiSpyware wins hands down even as an on-demand scanner (free version).  I use Spybot S&D as a third opinion (and not too often at that).  The other antispyware app that I also rely on aside from SAS is MBAM.