What you think? Police raid 9-year-old 'pirate', confiscate laptop...

The Copyright Information And Anti-Piracy Centre (CIAPC), Finland, has tracked an illegal downloader, demanding a cash settlement.

This isn’t new. However, what makes the case unusual is the age of the pirate in question – a nine year-old girl.

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Very intersting article. I do agree with confiscating something with pirated material. but a 9-year old should be warned. if h/she is not aware what pirated suff.

Maybe send the father to some mandatory supervisory skill classes, he is the one who should be accountable.
I wonder if they checked his system.

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CIAPC spying on little girls…

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In my country the parents have to make a little “contract” with their child:
“Dont do this, dont do that, be carefull.
Do you understand?”

In your suggestion, parents have to stay in the back of the children all day. It will not develop healthy. And the parents could become compulsive and over carefull.

And btw, be aware when you visit my shop with your child. Because, for each candy bar which it might “steal”, you would have to pay 600$ … hm, no, 1000$… And my lawyer has hard times… he will get 300$ extra. Ok?
“This is an offer that you cant reject”.

Thanks for comments. From my point of view as a criminologist I think it’s ridiculous. Punishing a child at that early stage like that can have an impact since we all know now that kids addicted to technology these days. Yes you can argue this kid is too young to understand but still. Also it’s a direct violation of privacy under human rights act. Can this happen in UK? Hell no. Also police got nothing better to do? Chase big fish. That’s where the tax money go.

but still children do not understand the difference between free copying (the principle of the Internet) and illegal distribution
криминолог, на момент совершения преступления неудавшегося намерения девочке было восемь лет; и дети не понимают разницы между свободным копированием и нелегальным распространением

Can this happen in UK? Hell no.
[url=http://torrentfreak.com/court-orders-sopa-style-blackout-of-100-music-sites-120316/]in India - no[/url] [url=http://torrentfreak.com/pirating-uk-student-to-be-extradited-to-the-us-120313/]in the UK - yes[/url] UK - the 51 State U.S.А. :D [i]God Save the [s]Queen[/s] U.S. President[/i]

It’s what I said. Can you read? You are wrong! Kids have computer addiction today that’s another thing. You don’t understand the difference between criminologist and kriminalist on the first place smart ■■■. Criminology comes into psychology and sociology as well. It’s not all about crime. You have no idea what UK is… Don’t you even dare comparing USA as UK. It’s not funny and by doing so you seem to be very stupid.

“Richard O’Dwyer, the UK-based ex-administrator of the video linking website TVShack will be extradited to the US to face copyright infringement charges.” He didn’t download he hosted that’s another thing. Learn the difference.

Julia O’Dwyer, Richard’s mother, is severely disappointed with the decision and says that her son has been “sold” to the US. The extradition may disrupt his life for years.
“Today, yet another British citizen is betrayed by the British Government,” said the mother of the accused Julia O’Dwyer.
She said the so-called Natwest Three “were right when they said if it could happen to them, it could happen to anyone”.
Юлия O’Dwyer, мать Ричарда, сильно разочарована решением и говорит, что ее сын был «продан» в США.
«Сегодня еще один гражданин Великобритании предан правительством Великобритании» - заявила мать обвиняемого Джулия О’Дваер
Она сказала, что так называемые Natwest тройки «были правы, когда сказали, что если это может случиться с ними, это может случиться с каждым».

It should be noted that the decision of the authorities is controversial because linking to copyrighted material is not an offense in the UK !!
Стоит отметить, что подобное решение властей является спорным, поскольку размещение ссылок на авторские материалы, не является преступлением в Великобритании.

Previously, the defendant had never been to the U.S., but is now able to spend a few years in U.S. prison !!
Ранее подсудимый никогда не был в США, однако теперь может провести несколько лет в американской тюрьме

 Can you read?

Betrayal? LOL! Look at your country! Your government is killing it’s own people for fun. So don’t even talk to me about it.

“During O’Dwyer’s extradition hearing, it was held by the judge that the offences alleged were also illegal under UK law. Whereas TV-Links was able to successfully argue it was a “mere conduit” under the EU Electronic Commerce Regulations 2002, aggregating content “they did not select or modify”, O’Dwyer had exerted considerable control over the content hosted on TV-Shack, and therefore the allegations, if true, constituted a crime in the UK.”

quote mother a British citizen: «Today, yet another British citizen is betrayed by the British Government»

«Laughing Out Loud» - laugh at mother words?

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дальше можно ни читать…
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I laugh at word “betrayed”! You don’t know what to say anymore. You know you lost so give up. Why this guy is going to US? He used American servers for it. Let the US punish him. I see nothing wrong with it.

Don’t talk to me about Chechnya. You are brainwashed by your media to death. You don’t know anything about it. So don’t look even more stupid by saying more.

Also you shot yourself. You believe everything you read. You are a dummy. Congratulations.

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Woah! Gentlemen please! Personal comments such as the above are forbidden. I will take it personally if this continues any further, thank you.

How about if someone uses (by accident) an islamic server to perform free speech about religion? You still agree to the deportation?

You are bound to your local law. And to the terms of services, which are based on their local law, as long as your local law would not define them as invalid.

If you break a law in your country, your country is the judge.

If someone from the US would buy “local legal” things from the netherlands, which are not allowed in the US, he would be punished in the US. He wouldnt be send to the netherlands where the judge would say, these things are legal here.

“By accident”? LOL! USA was and is always a special case. UK and USA are very close in cooperating with each other that’s why. America thinks about itself as international police officer. But let’s not go into politics again. It has no place on the forum.

The problem with (political) arguments:
Each side has allways the “valid” ones.

So, you have to look for the INTEREST behind it.

What could be an interest for destroying a person in political mills?
And would you stand on the side of the persons who have that interest?

In this context:
“Gods country”… Isnt that like an insult?
What would manitu say?
Or the current god?

Politics and religion… in the same topic? :o

I’m currently thinking:

Lock it down Kail.