What YOU Think?????????????? A MIRACLE

I have a 10GB Per Month Broadband Internet Package. I login to the provider site & check the account usage.
I always check the account i.e how much GB is remaining after I am done with the work i.e before shutting down the system

Now here’s THE MIRACLE

Today I had 90 MB & 3 days remaining in the account status. So I thought lets download & try CCE Final.
I downloaded CCE & did a full scan & a restart was required so restarted. It found nothing but 1 FP.

AND now when I am checking my account status it is showing 1.5 GB remaining (Yesterday it was 163 MB & today after some browsing it was 90 MB remaining)

I checked quite a few times, checked after cleaning the system with Ccleaner but it shows 1.5 GB remaining & its working fine.

What YOU Think??? Any info/shed some light on this?


Maybe it flips over from November to December a little later then your local timezone?

I didn’t get you Ronny?


Hi Naren,
This sounds like a small glitch in your data allowance for your account.
You could check with your ISP to see what they have to say about it.
A miracle? No. An error? Yes.
BTW I will move this to General Discussion.

You can lock this post. I just posted this coz it happened immediately after CCE scan. Never experienced this. Just wanted to mention & share it.


Thank you for sharing, this was probably coincidental that it happened directly after a scan.
Locked on OP request, please PM an active Moderator if you would like this topic re-opened.
Thank you.