What would you like to do?

What can I do with this???


Hi Gyzmo, welcome to the forums

PCLEScheduler.exe part of Pinnacle Scheduler Application. This program is not important for your system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.

Source: http://www.exedb.com/PCLEScheduler.html

So, it’s probably fine… unless you’ve never heard of it & don’t know what it is.

Scheduler is fine…

But… what can I do with picture…
where is button???

How can I allow or disalow that…???

I see… I merely thought you’d lopped that bit off the image.

I suspect you’ve either clicked on the taskbar & stolen the focus or maybe another app stole the focus with some systray action. Anyway the buttons are under the taskbar, drag it out of the way (taskbar or pop-up… doesn’t matter which). If you can’t move the pop-up or the taskbar, right click on the taskbar & unlock it first (you can drag it down a little & drag it back afterwards).

Change the DPI setting to the normal size of 96 to see if the buttons are revealed.

In that scenario, I have been unable to drag, no buttons to click, and for me it is set to 96dpi. For me, it only seems to occur on occasion while installing, so I disable HIPS before turning off CAVS, to do an install.


No, buttons is not under taskbar.
Taskbar is cuting buttons… sametimes half, sametimes 3/4, and sametimes all, like this…
When moving taskbar, behind is clean desktop, no hiden buttons… nothing…

Killing cavse.exe in TaskManager, popup is disapear, but instalation is bloked/broked.
(like PCTV in that pictures)
And must, reset, disabling HIPS, reinstaling and finaly enabling HIPS

DPI is normal… 96

sorry for my english
it’s terrible

Your English is fine Gyzmo. :slight_smile:

Which version of CAVS are you running? The latest beta?

Last auto update is

But, that is happened, on all earliest version…

going download las beta…

Try the latest (released yesterday) here and report any problems here. Kishor (the developer) reads that topic specifically (he’s a busy guy).

look like that problem solved in beta

in week… not single problem…
installations now gone normally, without bloking