What would best complement cis5?

Im running cis5 (no av) alongside avira personal and geswall.

Any suggestions or is this enough? or too much? (geswall)

My suggestion would be that you would be better to run CIS 2011 in it’s entirety and remove anything else.

well lets see what geswall says…“GeSWall is a required supplementary to your anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall as it blocks unknown threats missed by those solutions”. i found this info on http://www.gentlesecurity.com/geswall.html.what i understand from their own website is that its only a supplementary product to internet security suite(av firewall combo) and it is not equal to firewall as such. so you are missing a firewall if you are using it alone. now about your configuration…see it by yourself using comodo leak test utility and also go to security.symantec.com/sscv6/home.asp to see whether your system is prone to attacks…my suggestion is use CIS V5 RC2.1 alone…you can check out languy99’s videos on youtube, he has reviewed CIS with Avira and CIS alone…

CIS as a suite provides you a great level of protection. So if you have D+ you don’t need anything else because it would be an overkill. If you don’t trust COMODO AV you can use something else, but i would still recommend you the whole suite, because this way it was designed by developers and this way it works best using default settings

If you want something else to supplement CIS them my suggestion would be Prevx SafeOnline free (facebook version).You can always run a couple of on demand scans from Hitman Pro or mbam if you want also.

Just use the AV from CIS. Between that and HIPS you will not get infected. Adding additions to this only would waste your PCs resources.

What is the difference between facebook edition and regular prevx free?
PS: Thank you everyone for your replies

I believe the facebook version has a fully functioning Safeonline.

What is PrevsSafeOnline?? Its a toolbar or taskbar thing. Is it like WOT & Mcafee Site Advisor??


Yes & no. Your best bet is to go to Prevxs website and just read for yourself.

But there its just say that protects from online purchase & all. So I guess it doesn’t rates sites in search lor browser like WOT & other. right?? Its a trial version & not free.

Why do you think you’re protected with WOT?
There are a lot of sites incorrectly rated: infected marked as clean, clean as suspicious…
It’s a full mess and joke.
Security is a work for specialists and not for users poll.
My 0.02

Yeah I wouldn’t bother with WOT. I’m using safe online with CIS 5 RC3 without any issues. Not only will the facebook version give you the full product but it will load prevx 3. It will detect viruses but it won’t delete or clean them. Its kind of like any earlier warning system. If you download a file and the prevx cirlce turns red, I wouldn’t open that file without scanning it first.

I am using WOT coz its recommended at many places and they say that not only users analyzation is there but WOT also analyze the sites with the help of Phishtank & others and users analyzed sites are also cross checked. Do you mean WOT is not that good. What about Prevx Safe Online?? Is it any good??


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