What will usertrust do for internet or for users?


So what do you think?

Would love to hear your views pls

Hi, Melih.
I think this service would definitely boost internet users trust over any e-commerce company that use this service. And I also think that this kind of service would helps internet community to get a nicer level of comfort; since this service will force every single company that use it, to put an extra care (not just another lips service) into every aspect of their actions.
But then the problem with this solution is, how do you make the company use it?
Since almost every giant market holder is a miss-leading demon nowadays, and they feel comfort about it.

Are you trying to rally the same champaign, like what you did with Comodo Firewall?
If you do, I thank you.

Your thoughts and ideas are always an enormous pleasing surprise to follow.

And personally, I think I will subscribe to this service for my online shop.

hi Wisanggeni

You are spot on! This service will make internet businesses better, it will help them because end users will see that they care for their customers. And for the end users, they get to see other people’s experiences before they interact and the user can make a difference now that they are empowered with this platform.

We will ask all our users (millions if not over ten million) and the whole internet community to demand this from the shops they shop with. Any online who doesn’t have it has no reason not to have it. You have to wonder why they don’t have it and end users should act accordingly knowing that.

Its a free service… It will always be a free service… online businesses will benefit from it and end users will benefit from it…

So pls spread the word and get everyone to start using this service pls.

Also, once you have Usertrust Rating on your site, you can put links to your emails and any other communication and keep asking your web users to rate you. And we have mediation for malicious rating, so we’ll handle all those kind of malicious ratings.

thank you