What will I get with Firewall Pro PLUS?

It seems the description of Firewall Pro PLUS is quite confusing, after reading the website, it seems the Firewall Pro PLUS is exactly the same program as Firewall Pro, but with some preset rules and settings tweaked by Comodo professionals, and some extra services from Comodo? basically the PLUS part is some extra services from Comodo, not any new features or functionality in the firewall program itself?

Am I understanding it correctly? ???

Hi wellofsouls,

Plus version contains the professional installation, malware removal, etc by Comodo Experts Remotely. It’s only a service, the program is the same.


so basically YES :slight_smile:
the FREE one offers a fully functional CFP (B)
the PLUS things are:
* Installation and security configuration by Comodo Security Experts
* Malware diagnosis and removal by Comodo Security Experts

  CFP3 = CAR

CFP3 plus = CAR + the driver.

An easier explanation. Comodo Firewall Pro and Comodo Firewall Pro Plus offer the same protection and are the same program. The Plus feature is an extended warranty incase you get infected. There are experts to help walk you through removing these infections.

The Plius offer include additional support for a yearly fee.

The additional support includes:
1 PC TuneUp – Optimize your computer’s performance & memory
2 Virus Removals – Complete Computer Cleaning
24x7 Live Chat Support
Professional installation & default configuration of Firewall

A free 30 days trial is available.

thanks for all the reply! (:KWL)

however there’s still one more question, so with the PLUS version do I get some preset rules for most commonly-used applications?

For example, with the non-PLUS version of the firewall, when I install Flash for IE, it will pop-up some warnings and I have to choose allow to continue, and when I install some common program like Opera, it will also pop-up some warnings, and I have to tell Comodo it’s an installer to continue without further interruption. So with the PLUS version, will there be pre-installed rules so when I do those common tasks, it will allow them without any pop-ups?

I’m asking this because it seems Agnitum Outpost has those kind of features with their ImproveNet project, so they have some preset rules for 10,000+ common applications, that one can install Flash and things without triggering pop-up warnings. Thanks again.

nope :stuck_out_tongue:
it’s the same CFP with extra “support”, the product are the same.
but comodo continue to improve its whitelist database to reduce the pop up.
you can try CIS (Comodo Internet Security)
it’s the first final release of CIS (contains CAVS 3 & CFP 3) and you can choose to/not to install the AV part. :■■■■
the pop up is greatly reduced in this version :BNC