What will CIS 4.1 Bring?

Im sure we would all like to know what will CIS 4.1 bring in a few months when the beta starts?

according to Egemen.

thank you

The behaviour blocker for sure and I hope a better interface and a better implementation of the sandbox, the wishlist forum is plenty of ideas.
They could make something like the wishlist month and add the best ideas from the users. xD jeje

The only thing that is certain, based on Comodo policy and practice is that it will be promising technology in beta or alpha as first released, followed too quickly by a “final” containing serious bugs, no acknowledgment of known problems, update and installation problems, incomplete or completely missing documentation, all with a stonewalling official nonrecognition of the worst of these errors.

Has there been a new release that did not feature all of these issues?

Anyway I hope that they could learn from their errors, they are allways very proud of CIS (it deserve) but sometimes you have to be humble recognize the errors and try to dont make the same mistakes again and again.

Version 4.1 will also bring more sandboxing as well as better cleaning facility for the AV.The latter has been called “acid like cleaning” by Melih.

Yes, people always hope for the better. Those forums are read by mods only.

What about “CIMA-like” heuristics, will that be destined for 4.1 or 5.x

Good call. If I am not mistaken also planned for 4.1.

Ah so its not just me thinking that :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone have any idea when 4.1 is supposed to be released?

I just hope the sandbox will remain like it is (in basics). I don’t want full emulation since that is ■■■ slow, unlike current restricted mode which is just as fast as normal non sadboxed mode.

There are no concrete release dates - best bet is Septebuary. :wink:

I hope they will bring back the Help Function. Now they have this Live Support button. Before I clicked only on the question mark and the help file popped up.

It’d be good to have the choice between ‘sandboxie like’ full and the current restricted modes IMO since requirements will vary depending upon usage.

Septebuary? That is new version for September?

Does anyone know if we’ll still be able to install the components we want?
I’m only interested in the FW.

It can be whatever it wants, but since V3.14.xxx.xxx they’ve lost me especially since my purchase of a new Gateway with Windows 7 Home Premium. Comodo V3.14.xxx.xxx was to me the last stable version of a kill all firewall. Windows 7 firewall with its ingoing outgoing rules and its editing/creation capabilities combined with Avira Personal V10 & Immunet is all I’ll ever need now. I’ve just seen to many bugs some minor others deathly serious to allow any Comodo product on this new system. I was a loyal user but unfortunately no more due to hastily released software on their behalf. So be it.
Sorcerer :slight_smile:

the current sandbox is awesome , but i’m sure they can make it even better , I don’t wanna make a wish or something … I’m just hoping that the next release (WHATEVER THE DIGITS ARE ) will fix the issues with the current version … :comodorocks:

i would like a log of all actions made by sandboxed apps that should act as a live analizer - that in my opinion would give more info on untrusted apps. also a better interface.

I believe that Comodo Inc’s going mainstream i.e. competing with AV’s and such. I think that with newer versions of CIS we will see

  1. AV play a bigger role, becomes default install.
  2. Sandbox becomes a very important part of the suite, perhaps core part.
  3. D+ gets more and more neutered and turns into a behavioural blocker. Comodo might leave D+ settings there so as to let the “power user” tweak his way to get back the traditional style D+ (v3.14), but D+ by default will have weaker settings.
  4. the firewall will just be an addon, as its now. With windows 7 one doesnt really need anything extra.

I am just extrapolating from the current trend … :slight_smile:

ps. I agree with socerer. Win7 firewall is sufficient. i don’t know about bugs though, v3.14 works fine.