what will be with comodo 2014 ?

we all know comodo have very good offers, i mean free products .

there are a rumors , one day comodo company will withdraw free programs as a ‘‘pc tools company ‘’ . It will be only offer’‘virus scan tools’’ as mcafee and norton. therefore customers and fans will be disappointed.

What do you think, whether comodo stay forever as it is now ?
I know all is business .

with regards

Provide the source of those “rumorS”, please

Otherwise it sounds just like your own rumour, created at the same time when you were posting…


I tend to agree, his own personal rumor. Thank you, SL.
Personal note, good to see you active on here again. :slight_smile:

“You said it”. Maybe so one day but not in our lifetime. It would be a very dangerous move they would lose more than half of the customers. But if SSL stop providing what can you do? But I don’t see this happening.

Melih has stated that CIS will always be free.

thank you all for answers .

For now Comodo revolution is the best on market ,definitely.

btw one question

is it possible install together comodo antivirus free and comodo firewall free ? would it be compatible ?

You have these options in the installer.
Select what you want to install.

All of the components that make up CIS are included in each standalone installer. So if you have downloaded the AV, and want to add the firewall, you can do so through the Comodo Add or Remove components wizard.

Yes. It is compatible that’s the whole point.

Our philosophy is that [size=10pt]“Security is a right and not a Luxury”[/size].

for consumers Comodo has taken on the responsibility to enable security as a right to end users. This is why we give it for free.

^ Legend (:CLP) Comodo :love:

Thank you very much Melih .

I appreciate your attitude, and I am very thankful to all comodo staff .
definitely you have very good skills and programs, i think as many others , the best of all…

with regards

Maybe I should give Melih a BIG lipa kiss and it looks like I’m coming back to to CIS again soon, and I might as well wait until CIS6 is out I’ve heard good feedback about the new v6.0 :wink:

Look forward to your contribution SpeedyPC and welcome back!


Spoil Brat ;D

It is too early to tell. 2013 is still in beta.