What version of COMODO can be installed on Windows XP SP3 - 32 bit ???

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I had tried all day/night long to install , uninstall and reinstall Comodo Firewall and update and after every update i recived everitime this error: Comodo has encountered a problem and need to close. I want to install the version of Comodo that works on Windows XP SP3 - 32 bit. Please , I need your help! :-\

Hi and welcome Zanetti,
It appears the current version of Comodo requires a system with a CPU that has SSE2 support.

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My computer processor is AMD Sempron 2400+ . This smells to be the problem? :frowning:

Hi Zanetti,
Unfortunately it appears your CPU has SSE support and not SSE2 support.
I suspect the lack of SSE2 support is possibly the cause of the issue.

I am not sure where the Developers stand as to whether or not they are removing this requirement, sorry.

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SSE2 has been around and in use since 2001.
AMD has been slow to implement it into their chips. This has given the chip maker the reputation of having second grade CPU chips.

In what version of CIS v8.x were the C++ SSE2 intrinsics implemented? Did that begin with v8.0 outright, or implemented in v8.2.x explicitly?

Hi WxMan1,
There has been no official comments about what CIS version SSE2 support was a requirement that I am aware of, but reading through this topic it appears SSE2 support was not required until CIS version 8.2.

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Thanx for the feedbag Capt Styx! 8)

@Zanetti: this thread https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/download-of-older-cis-versions-t111694.0.html has link to FileHorse in order to download superseded versions of CIS.

I’m unclear about v8.x functionality, but v7.x runs on my WinXP SP3 O/S on PIII 1400-S 3x512MB PC133 SDRAM platform. If your hardware is more current than that, you shouldn’t have 1/2 the performance issues I do w/ respect to CIS. That notwithstanding and nevertheless, I warn you there ARE latency issues w/ respect to v7.x running on WinXP 32-bit platforms; its just the nature of the beast.

The trick is to avoid creating rules automatically, and judicious implementation of ‘remember this’ option ticked when alerts occur. Use the logs to glom onto what rules need to be created, and configure the app with all its rule en mass.

Essentially any time CIS initializes, the GUI is launched, or closed, a period of non-responsiveness occurs that can trick one into believing a hung system. Watch the processes tab sorted by CPU useage decending and wait until System Idle Process goes to the top of the heap to ensure that CIS overhead / maintenance is completed. Other than that, the system AND CIS actually run pretty lickedty-split. Just FWIW

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Just keep in mind the latency thingy. Even when back to the desktop, CIS can still be churning its gears for a few more seconds. Use, Ctrl + Shift + Esc and click process tab and sort by CPU decending.

You’ll see several CIS components vying for the CPU. Until System Idle Process goes 100% for several seconds and the other CIS components drop down without a hint that any CIS component, e.g., cmdagent.exe, et ali, percolate back to the top you’re good to go. Until then refrain from launching anything that may generate an alert, either D+ or Firewall related; those won’t show up until whatever it was doing on CIS GUI close / config update and will just prolong the agony.

I can’t stress enough how convenient it is to be able to glom onto the log and then access advanced config and enter the rules for HIPS and the Firewall before hitting apply and update everything at once. The log will open up as a separate panel and gives you access to either D+ events, or Firewall rules in the same session. This allows one to maintain all pertinent rules at once.

WinXP on multi-core CPU with hyper threading enabled in BIOS may not experience that so much.

I downloaded from FileHorse and installed CIS Premium 7.x ,32 bit , but after update i recive the error: “CIS has encountered a problem and need to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience” . How can i solve this problem? :frowning:

What other security products have ever been on your system? All vestiges of those and CIS need to be obliterated.

Forced uninstaller tool

Also, the MS Installer Cleanup utility is highly useful. All its good for though is removal of installer components. It doesn’t remove application components in the filesystem, nor registry entries that may be vestige and cause components to run at boot. But it should ensure that a clean install can occur. It is useful to ensure a clean base-install so that add / remove programs will work - if ever the uninstall abended - which should be followed up with a registry cleaner.

I would recommend running CCleaner’s registry cleaner component. Ensure that all references to CIS and any other security product have been nuked. If any other security product has been installed, you need to investigate proprietary uninstall tools that they offer. Using the aforementioned tools I’ve had sufficiently good results that I’ve not had to resort to RevoUninstaller.

The best technique to utilize with RevoUninstaller is if the offending app is still on your system - so RevoUninstall can see it - and follow its directions. It offers a means to drill into the system to obliterate things that have been uninstalled, but I can’t vouch for how it works. So you may have to re-install whatever was there originally - preferably in the original location - and then follow the recommended procedure for RevoUninstaller. That should be done for any security suite that’s ever been on your system for which you can’t find dedicated uninstall tool.

Follow that with CCleaner registry cleaner component and you should be good to get a clean install of CIS onto your system.

I empathize with your troubles - having had enough of my own back when v7 auto-updated v5 - but once you can get a sound installation of CIS you’ll be golden.

Comodo CIS it was the only antivirus installed on PC . No other antivirus istalled but i reinstalled Windows XP and i put other antivirus because i want my PC to be clean. I know that i uninstalled Comodo CIS with an uninstall tool . Now i have installed Comodo only on Linux Machine and i like it. When Comodo team think about to help old PC’s to create an antivirus for XP 32 bits and for AMD Sempron 2400+ procesors then i’ll install Comodo on my old PC. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Windows XP is a dying species. Even Windows 8.1 finally surpassed it last week.

True, but at least XP does not have built-in telemetry spyware (which in fact cannot be disabled even if we turn it off in config) like Win10 and lately shipped hidden as an updates to 7-8.1… :wink: