What version of CFW do I have?

May sound like a newbie question, but I’m stumped. I have looked all over the GUI, all the usual places (although I see no ‘About’ section that usually contains version info), and I just can’t locate what version I am currently running!

I can see the last cisupgrade installer file I downloaded (6.3.32439.2937) in my downloads folder, but I am sure I have upgraded since then. In fact, I think there is a new version waiting for me.

But I want to know what version is currently residing on my computers! Can someone tell me how to see this? And why is it so hard to locate?



Title bar controls > About

Appreciate the reply… but those options do not appear on a drop down menu when I click on ‘Task’ or the green arrow next to it.
In fact there is no drop down menu.
As I noted in my OP, I am hard pressed to find the ‘About’ menu anywhere in the GUI.
Here is a screenie of the dialog that appears when I click on ‘Task’ or the green arrow. As you can see, no ‘About’.
Any other suggestions?

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You should click on the question mark


You are so right!
I just did that and was about to post back!
Now I know my version! Thanks again for your help. :slight_smile:

7.0.315459.4131. Guess I’ll upgrade to newer version.