What type of popup is this?

Just this attached popup from a program launcher I use called TurboLaunch. Why no security advice information?

This popup also raises the question as to why I keep getting popups every now and then for things I already have gotten before? I reply to remember them yet they will reappear from time to time. Not everytime but every so often. I really don’t understand why this is so unless it’s a bug.

TurboLaunch is a case in point. I used TLs built in updater to see if there were any updates. I’ve done this many times while using CPF. I’ve replied to remember it yet I gotten this popup.

It’s not limited to TL either. There are other programs that will give me a popup even though I remembered it. IE and OE are two examples.

I have no other screenshots to show you. If this is normal of CPF to do this please say so. I came from Kerio PF and once I remembered a rule that was the last I heard from it.

Forgot to mention that I launch all my programs via TurboLaunch so maybe my problem lies in the fact that I launch things like IE and OE from it. Perhaps CPF has a problem with program launchers or I have to set a specific type of rule for TL.

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it is a normal popup. And when you select remember, CPF must not ask you about the same case again.

if you paste the screenshots of Application Monitor and Advanced sections, we can see whats going on.

If you update an application it will change in some respect. What I think is happening is CPF is detecting that the application has changed and is simply asking if it is supposed to have changed.

The same thing could occur if the parent of an application changes. As an example, CPF would have asked for permission for IE to start, with TurboLaunch as its parent. When you updated TL and then tried to start IE, the changed parent application would have been detected by CPF, which would then alert you to the change.

Egemen, could this scenario fit the problem?

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I did manage to suppress these messages. My guess is that I did NOT check off the box to remember it but finally I did. So no more messages.

But the main reason I posted this was the missing information as to why I got the popup. Presumably popups are presented because of some kind of threat To say there was one, but CPF has no idea what it is, isn’t comforting. IMO all popups should have information as to what the threat is.

I agree with you. But that means CPF must know every single application out there. A huge task.
but a task we have taken on and deliver it to you to for free! pls help us by submitting all the applications you have so that we can add them to our safe list.


Hi Melih,

Just wondering, what would be the best way to submit applications to Comodo for adding to the safe list?


We have built Submit file functionality into CPF :slight_smile: (will be launched first week in July). So get ready for that :slight_smile:
PS: If you don’t want to wait for that I can give you ftp account for you to upload it. or you can upload it somewhere and let me know where it is (you can PM if you like on this).