What type of hacks could be occuring?

There is this one particular Online game I play, the game usually plays fine.
But every now and then the game acts up, and acts up in a bad way, who ever is hacking me inside of this game is able to crash comodo with the actual game itself it seems like?
To me it seems like who ever is hacking me is putting some type of code into the game i’m playing to keep it running as some type of backdoor?
This game will not terminate when I would shut it down, when I exit out of this game and try to go back to my desktop the application is still running and slowing my PC almost to a dead crawl.
Every time I manage to get inside of comodo and terminate the game but right the second i terminate the application Comodo crashes.
It is extremely frustrating.
I have sent dozens upon dozens of .dmp files but with no luck as of yet.
Also when I play this game sometimes my internet connection will just go dead, I suspect I am being packet bombed but I cant confirm this.
By dead I mean the whole game freezes, I cant escape to the main menu, I cant do anything until what ever is happening subsides,and when it does subside and I make it back to the main menu there is NO servers on the list, I have to close the application and reopen it to reestablish a connection, and I know for a FACT I am being hacked because I tested the people who I suspected of hacking me, and every time I would mention something, something extremely ironic would happen, they have not been able to do anything destructive thankfully, but it bothers me that some 13 year old kid can crash your guys firewall.
Can you please tell me what types of countermeasures I could take to avoid becoming a target?
I really don’t understand HOW they are able to attack me, none of my ports are open.
Could they be attacking me through the open port of the game I am playing?
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks for your time.

Fist of all can you tell us what component of Comodo crashes. Cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe?

Next time you connection freezes pull out the network cable. Does that help to stop the freezing? Do the D+ and Firewall logs show anything out of the ordinary? What rules do you have set for the application in D+ and Firewall?

I believe it was cmdagent.exe that was crashing.

The application is set to outgoing only and I have it set with all custom rules that make the game functional, it is under a custom policy.

Well imo it probably wasn’t a 13 year old kid. and COMODO offers enhanced security not invulnerability to internet attacks.

Nobody is 100% safe when he’s connected.

For the moment don’t play that game and have the firewall to block it. And what game was that?

At the moment you suspect a hack pull the plug and say HACK THAT @#$@^#%^#%$@! and have a good laugh ;D

The game was Swat 4, first person online shooter game.
I play in the VIP mode, if anybody wants to see these guys in action join these servers. “FAB Swat 4 clan” “USA Swat 4 clan” “FUN Swat 4 clan” “LOS Swat 4 clan” “FS Swat 4 clan” All of these servers are full of suspected hackers, they don’t keep it a secret either, they will blatantly tell you they are hacking you.
Like earlier today this one guy claimed to have hacked me and he was able to identify the type of keyboard I using…
I was pretty weirded out that he could obtain this piece of knowledge, I don’t know if it was just a lucky guess or if he was for real, but he was right…
The server which you are more then likely to get hacked on is the “USA Swat 4 server-”

On a side note, I play this game through a proxy, so the data they send to me would get sent to the proxy server right? So in theory there “evil packets” don’t ever reach my machine correct?

Can you check the Windows logs (Control Panel → Administrative tools → Event Viewer) to see if it was indeed cmdagent.exe that crashed?