What to shut down


Please forgive me if this information is readily available somewhere else. Just direct me there.

I have Avast and a Sunbelt firewall that run in the background, and I link to the internet through a Wireless USB Adapter that is fed from another computer’s router, directly linked to Verizon DSL.

I haven’t run Comodo Registry Cleaner in a while, but today when I started to, it warned me to shut down other applications.

When I run Comodo Registry Cleaner, do I have to shut down everything that runs in the background, such as the internet connection, Avast, and the Sunbelt firewall, or are these OK to leave running in the background on the computer being scanned?

It should be ok. But if you want to be safe, turn off the real-time scanning of Avast. But that can leave you a bit unprotected, so you may not want to.

Hey Martin, You are meant to shut down all applications… But in reality… I think 99.9% people don’t.
You should be fine doing a reg scan with Avast! and sunbelt.



We just advise people to do so for a good reason: If some application changes the registry while we are cleaning, the registry might get damaged. Usually background applications do not do this(like scanners and firewalls). So, it should be same to let them running. But if you have some installers running then you should wait for them to finish before cleaning.