What to expect in 2020

I’m predicting Windows 11, IE 15, and------------- Chrome 237. ;D

Well I’m predicting FF 236 :stuck_out_tongue:
And CIS V.13.x.x

i expect generic virus signature in cis in 2020 ;D

2020 we will not use PC & internet anymore . We will talk personaly to each other :BNC

LOL! Yes they should finish by this time 88)

You predict Windows? :o

Windows Is Dead, Google Killed It :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah and Opera will over take them all :slight_smile:

Windows will never die.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :-TU

In 2020 development has stopped because the Swiss Army Knife, Tablet/Phone and remote control have integrated.

The world is finally complete and world peace will set in… :smiley: 8)

Maybe, but that knife/phone/remote will be running Windows. :smiley:

Maybe we can up with s solution so everyone can have common sense instead of only a small portion of the human population just having it… LOL