what to do?

This is serious, because if don’t get this right, then don’t see how it’s fine.

For this example “wscript.exe” is trying to go to “svhost.exe”. They are both Windows system files, Comodo marks them red and possibly very dangerous, Threatcast has nothing to say about it, and the help file is not helpful in this regard.

When a red warning comes up, without advice, except to say that “this could be very dangerous” and “gives complete contol over memory”, or something to that effect, then what do you do? How would i know? And then after accepting such a decision, does that mean that from then on the firewall will allow the same things, whatever they are, to happen in the future?
So i’m not getting the picture. For one part of the question, can we assume to trust when the warnings refer to windows, and windows system32, microsoft,etc?

Sometimes would answer it’s ok, sometimes would block.
If a mistake is made, seems like it would leave the door open (V) trying to do the best

This is an honest question, no one want’s to answer

Maybe then should just have the firewall part installed. Because if i need to choose when i don’t know anything about it, and there is no information that helps, and if this choice then becomes permanent, what good could that do? Then would be making things worse.

There is no way i could answer the Proactive Defense.


It is because these Windows process can be used for malicious purposes.
These alerts are to warn you if you are running something or a process has started that can cause harm.
Please do search for wscript.exe there are quite a few examples posted good and bad reasons why the process is running.
You should always unticked Remember my answer.

Thank you Deniss
That is helpful.

Feel sorry i complained. The answer was in the instructions too.
Dennis you remind to not tick the “remember my answer” box. Can see that is the way to do.

i know i am fortunate to just be given such a good firewall. And the way to try to do things right from the begining would be to reinstall, and then answer correctly.

Thank you again

If you need to remove rules you have made go to

Defence+ / Advanced / Computer Security Policy


Thanks for telling me to not click the box " remember my answer"

Have followed your suggestions, and read further directions from Help files.

Also now just click “block”, without “remember my answer”. So far it is fine.