What to do with Vulnerability?

This looks as if it will be a very good way of ensuring all applications are up to date as not all of them have an ‘automatic update’ function. I’m a bit lost on this vulnerability thing though - I received three ‘Highly Criticals’ for my Adobe Flash Player Dire warnings were given about what hackers might be planning to do to me… But I saw no recommendations or suggestions. If a program is ‘vulnerable’ is it just a case of uninstalling it and finding something better?

No. ;D You go and update that program. Looky here - www.filehippo.com - nice website of commonly used apps. Most of them are free. Updated every day :slight_smile:
Sure, it would be a good idea for Comodo Vulnerability Analyzer to put links were you could download and update a vulnerable app :slight_smile: (B)

Thanks Commodus, it’s good to know I don’t have a rogue app on my hands. But why then did I get a mere ‘out of date’ message (as opposed to the more sinister ‘vulnerable’) for my OpenOffice? Plus, I was directed by the Vulnerability Analyzer to the link for the OpenOffice update…
I think my question is, therefore, what’s the difference between ‘out of date’ and ‘vulnerable’?

Hi pooksahib,
If i get you correctly, with ‘out of date’ you mean when application appears in ‘update available’ section, when an application appears in ‘Update Available’ section, that is just to let you know that there is a latest version of same product out there. Just a piece of information to you while once shown under ‘Vulnerable’ section means they have some sort of vulnerability and should be updated/replaced.


Comodo Vulnerability Analyzer advisories open new scenarios and could help securing you PC.
Even if the vulnerability is still unpatched users can be warned.
For example it would be possible to add BO exploitable software to CMF watch list or to finalize D+ rulsesets for specific apps (thus preventing further ruleset training for legit but exploitable apps) :-TU

I guess one possible enhancement would be an integration with CMF.