What to do when CPM hangs on an uninstall?

I installed Unlocker; see UNLOCKER 1.9.2 BY CEDRICK 'NITCH' COLLOMB. I saw the popup from CPM say it monitoried the install. I went into CPM, selected to view monitored programs, and selected Unlocker and chose to uninstall it.

CPM says “Please wait until the uninstall ends”. It never ends. CPM is hung. Now what?

What I found was that the dialog for the program’s uninstaller was underneath CPM’s window. It was sitting there waiting for me to click Yes or Cancel regarding the uninstall of the program. There has been a long-time defect in Windows that a newly opened window may not gain focus. Since CPM is starting the program’s own uninstalled, CPM should minimize itself to its taskbar button - and flash that button to let the user know some operation is still pending. Since CPM seems to know (or guess) when the installer is done with an uninstall, then CPM should restore its window.

Hmm, maybe this is a request for enhancement (RFE) that belongs in the Wishlist forum. If so, perhaps a moderator can move it over there (and remove this update comment).