What to do when CCE finishes scan

I’m running CCE now, it’s found 28 threats, 71% complete. In looking at them while it’s still scanning, I see a ton of Malware in Application Data, i.e. Java caches; L2M remover; some from Panda report install active scan, Adaware Browsing Protection setup; Trojanware i.e. SpybotSD13.exe. And one under Abnormal System Settings, just says “modified host” (at a low threat level). Some files (i.e. ‘removers’) I don’t necessarily want to remove, do I? How will the program know what to remove and what not to when the scan ends?
Thank you!

You’ll be able to chose an action for each file. Remember to ‘Report’ any FPs to Comodo.

OK, will it say what an “FP” is, and how to report it?

clicked on Next, now will click on Apply to Clean all files (last one is Repair)… now restarting computer, hope it worked…

After ‘Smart Scan’ the message comes: “Abnormal System Settings: Modified Hosts”.

But Repair ‘failed’ (2 efforts made.)

What now? Is there danger? What should be done?

It depends on the changes made to the hosts file.

Changes to the hosts file can be made as a way of blocking access to sites that are considered unwanted. F.e. Spybot Search and Destroy offers the option to block bad sites by adapting the hosts file.

If you have Spybot installed go the section for the hosts list and revert the changes. Then see what is left in the hosts file.