what to do to be notified for new connexions?


yesterday i’ve tested the Tor browser, so i’ve downloaded, dezipped and launched it.

the problem is: it has connected to internet but comodo has let it to connect without noticed me that a new program want to connect to internet…

i realized that if i have a virus/trojan etc… it can connect without any problem and without any notification/alert from comodo… :-
what settings have i to set, to choose myself the permission of a new application that wants to connect to internet?

thanks for your help

What mode is your firewall set to? If the Tor browser is in the trusted list/vendors list and the firewall is in safe mode, then the connection will be allowed out. To change this behavior change the firewall to Custom policy mode, under Firewall Settings.

yes it is in safe mode but what is the trusted list/vendor list? where can i found this list?

Advanced Settings > Security Settings > File Rating > Select Trusted Vendors/Trusted Files

so for programs that are not in that list comodo asks a permission, doesn’t it?

First thing to change from default settings is to set the Firewall to disable Do Not Show Popup Alerts setting.

Now you will be alerted for each unknown program that wants to connect to the web. The Trusted Vendor List and Trusted Files list are there to reduce the amount alerts.