What to do if safe mode doesn't work?

I got the ‘not a win32 app’ curse after trying to install V3, like a lot of other people. But, I can’t get into safe mode on XP, to uninstall. Any suggestions?

Can you do a system restore?


What happens when you boot with F8 pressed?

No. can’t get to control Panel

I get the usual text mode screen with safe boot options, etc. However, selecting any of the three safe mode boot options gets me down to where the last device driver loaded is mup.sys, and then a flashing prompt says: press ESC to stop loading SPTD.SYS. However, whether you press ESC or not, the flashing prompt stops after a little while, and the machine restarts, returns to the safe boot screen. Catch 22, so it seems. Next, I’m going to see what this SPTD.SYS driver is, if I can, and see about removing it from the boot sequence.

Among other problems, this HP machine uses an SATA drive, so my XP Pro plain install CD doesn’t have a device driver that will recognize the HDD controller in the machine, so i think i need to fix that problem, too, assuming I’m going to have to reinstall the OS. This is a media center machine, but i have added several partitions to it, and don’t have the original restore CD, so my lack of backups is not a good thing at this point.

Well, SPTD.sys is a driver from Daemon Tools. From the Recovery Console I disabled it, but that didn’t help. I still can’t boot into safe mode to try and uninstall V3.

From the F8 screen, can you select the “load the drivers one at a time” or whatever it is in XP, and say no to that one? Otherwise it sounds like you are back to a reinstall-although without a driver for the primary drive, ??? Good luck! I had Comodo kill a few things, but had and Acronis image backup.