What to do if Privacy Cleaner made Windows XP SP3 un-bootable

If you happen to ■■■■■ up your computer using the Comodo privacy cleaner, making windows XP SP3 unbootable (see known issues >:(), you may not need to reinstall windows! ;D
Try this (you will need the password for the administators’ account & your Windows XP installation CD):

  1. Turn on your computer

  2. press “F12” key on reboot during the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) loading. (Some computers display a progress bar with a label “BIOS” during this phase).

  3. Insert your Windows XP installation CD into the CD-drive.

  4. On the boot device menu, select your CD-drive.

  5. Then hit any key to boot from the CD.

  6. The “windows setup” screen will appear. It will take a while to load various files. Then a menu will appear. Press “R” to repair your windows installation.
    7). A menu will appear asking which installation you wish to repair. For most computers, there will be only one choice, so chose that one. If there is more than one choice, select the installation that’s not working.
    8 ) Next type in the administrator password when prompted.

  7. The computer will display the DOS prompt (you will see "C:\windows")

  8. type this (not including quotes): “copy c:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386\shell32.dll c:\windows\system32\shell32.dll”
    (note that there is a space between “copy” and “c:\windows.…” and a space between “…shell32.dll” and “c:\windows.…”)
    11)Then reboot.

This may help recover your system if you accidentally messed things up. It is certainly worth a try before reformatting. (:m*)


Thank you Whoop :slight_smile: I used the windows xp disk to “repair windows” it did the trick.

Now if only I could find my XP Disk I lost a long time ago. :-\