What time tomorrow will CIS beta 5.0 come out.

Could someone give me a time when this will be released with the new fixed links of the software?
Just want a possible time when it’s released.

Also i have comodo beta on my computer right now will i have to uninstall and reinstall this version?

Good work comodo team love the beta!


clocks is correct + or - 12 hours.

Yes, it’s always a good idea to have a fresh install when you’re testing a Beta.

And there is always the chance it does not come tomorrow at all. I still have v5 installed, but I have disabled the AV portion for now. The program uses a fraction of the CPU resources without the AV as it does with. Maybe that is part of the bug Comodo is working on fixing.


I think this was already posted in the BUG reports thread, but please feel free to report it again if the new release is out…

Sorry, posted in the wrong thread.

No prob, my guess will be around the same time the previous BETA was released…

Any moment now…

Still waiting :frowning:

Any news?

Well last beta came out at 4pm so i think around 4pm.

Oh derp, I was on the old thread.