What the purpose of Ignore 'Once'?

When I get a pop up from the Antivirus that I have a malware and I click ignore Once, I get the popup back right away. What’s the use of ignore Once? This is problematic because I can’t get rid of this dialog. I don’t want to add to exclusions, I don’t want to delete the malware file and I don’t want to get the dialog anymore while working on the folder.

My only way out is to disable the antivirus until I am done working and if I forget to turn it back on, that’s another issue.

Yes that’s an annoyance that is in there since they added an AV engine.
It seems Windows ‘tries’ to open a file like 4 times before it gives up, CIS will ‘ignore once’ every 4 calls to the file.

We have asked for a change to ‘cache’ the answer for the upcoming calls for the next x seconds but it hasn’t been implemented yet…

Thank you for your issue report. I am glad to tell you this issue is already known, and awaiting a fix. We are not looking for further reports at present. A temporary fix, if there is one, may be listed here. I am forwarding this post to a relevant help forum so you can receive further help if needed. Please also look in the FAQ in this help forum, as it may also be of assistance.