What the Internet Knows About You!

Websites can tell what sites you visited! :o :o

What the Internet Knows About You!


I fixed it (at least partially) with Firefox’s about:config.

Are you sure this isn’t another one of those tin foil hat sites? Here’s my result with Firefox 3.6 and I’ve never even touched the about:config to achieve this.

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It found my history. Do you use any add-ons?

I turned off layout.css.visited_links_enabled in Firefox, and I got the history again. See attached pic.

And yes, those are ones I had recently visited.

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FoxyProxy Standard
Google Shortcuts
Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar
videoSurf Videos at a Glance

Adblock Plus
Google Gears
Java Quick Starter

How in the world I got those other ones there is beyond me. I don’t even know what half of them do ;D

Wow lol (I thought you were trying to find one for large screens too?)

I’m not sure if any of those cause the history to not be displayed…do any effect Browsing History in some way? :stuck_out_tongue:

At home, but this work PC uses 96 DPI, which doesn’t make the fonts too small.

Maybe just the proxy, but other than that I don’t know what they do. I’ll leave this freak of nature add-ons to protect me :wink: :-TU

Forbiddiding page redirection (Firefox 3.6) associated with NoScript seems enough to stop this plague.

Does not, hower, stop this very classic one (you are the only one seeing your ip, ISP, OS and browser informations, and the two last ones are of course due to the referrer function):


If you use “Incognito” in Google Chrome (or any equivalent for your browser if available) or clear your browser data (either by browser options or 3rd party software) it can’t trace you. Does CD trump this?