What the heck is with comodo DNS severs ???

Hi !

Recently the comodo DNS servers i have been using are malfunctioning very often. Now i had to switch to my ISP-s DNS servers cause comodo DNS-s aint work at all. Win7 network diagnostics just say that it cannot communicate with the DNS servers. Are they really out of function ? Or is this problem only at my side ? I had this kind of problem before and thats why i changed my DNS servers to the comodo ones, and my default DNS serves from my ISP were also slow. I wonder if there could be a malware hiding in the background and makin the DNS servers malfunction. Is that possible ?

try opendns i heard its like comodo dns ???

I was using the Comodo servers until I ran a DNS speed test and discovered that the ones at my ISP were much faster and switched back to them.

You may also try Google’s DNS Servers

Comodo DNS Servers works very fine for me though.


I’ve also been having problems which I think might be cause by the Comodo suggested DNS settings… the problem is I don’t know how to restore my computers original settings!?.. Any helps grateful received so I can test if this helps at all! (I’m running Windows 7 pro - I don’t know if that is relevant?)

Sorry I’m a fairly basic PC user! :-\

Many thanks!

Hi chan1,

1st, there is no need to create multiple threads/requests regarding the same matter
Moreover, that is strictly prohibited in all forums

Since you are running Win 7 please read this instruction so you can change DNS or return to the default auto-setting


P.S. another advice - please use Search feature of the forum in order to find many answers already given in the past