What the heck is up with the update versions?

A couple days ago I updated to version 530, which appears to have been released July 3.

Today I got notice that there is another update, and when I check to see the details, I’m told it is for version 529 released July 7.

I also note a thread in this forum which references version 531, which appears to have been released July 2.

Can anyone tell me wtf is going on? Am I really supposed to downgrade to 529?


.531 was released today.

If you update through the automatic updater you will get version .531.

Unfortunately the Comodo web site is lagging behind the releases.

Okay, the web site is behind by two updates. That’s not so odd… I guess.

But, does anyone have any idea why, on 7/5/2009, the automatic update appears to have installed a Chinese help file [“cfp.chinese.chm”] and the automatic update, on 7/7/2009 (today… a few minutes ago), appears to have installed a Russian help file [“cfp.russian.chm”]?


I didn’t know about the Chinese help file, but I was wondering about the Russian help file when updating today. What’s up with that devs? Wouldn’t it make more sense to only download the help file for the language you chose during installation? Are we going to be filling up our HD’s and wasting our bandwidth for things we will never use? The .lang files in the translations folders are small enough, but the .chm files are over 5MB. If we keep getting more of those, they’ll add up in a hurry! ???

And true to form with things in the CIS folder, if you delete those help files, CIS tells you there is an update… 88)

You could always create a 1K text file and save it under the same name as a foreign language CHM file. :wink:

I hadn’t thought of doing that… Sadly, it doesn’t work. CIS must be looking at the checksums of the files or something… :frowning:

Please devs, don’t start adding .chm files for every language CIS supports. If a user wants a help file in more than one language, perhaps add the ability to download additional language packs like so much software does these days.

I suggested (a long time ago) that CIS have an install wizard. One of the things I suggested for the install wizard is for the user to select the default language. It may also be a good idea to have the option to “download other language packages”. The user could elect to download only the one language they need…saving a lot of download time. Furthermore, if you opted not to “download other language packages”, then your updates would not be bogged down with newly released or corrected language packs that you do not need (i.e. it would only update the language pack for the default language you have selected).

If you wanted the rest of the languages, you could select “download other language packages” at any time (from the miscellaneous settings) and all the language packs will be downloaded with the next update.

I think this option would really be helpful for minimizing needless downloads.

Absolutely! +1 :-TU




Thank you for the comments regarding *.chm files which are not useful to folks who don’t speak whatever language they may represent. I’m not a fan of software bloat, or cruft, in whatever form it may take, so I agree with the comments urging those responsible to find a better solution.

I like CIS and have it installed on three home computers, but only use the firewall and Defense+ features. I’m very glad the powers that be didn’t force use of the AV feature on users who prefer other solutions to that.

Please, please don’t freak everyone out by including a “cfp.northkorea.chm” file in the next update! ;D

Cheers, GG


+1 bigtime :-TU

+1 :-TU

I Like the Idea of making the downloads smaller and this would be one way of doing that so I am for it too +1 :-TU

+1 for smaller downloads/updates.