What text/logo should we provide for people to display on their sites?

Hi Guys

Can you help us decide what the text should say and what the logo should look like for people who want to help spread the word on their website. We want this to be something like: “Secure Your PC” initiative. So we are looking for ideas about what we should call this and what sort of logo should we get designed so that websites will comfortable displaying this.

pls throw us lots of ideas :slight_smile:


Hi Melih, see attached picture. Maybe this can be comodo logo as this is what is already being used at top of forum/ web site pages. Possibly could it be made to like fade and then show a message saying something like “Need a free antivirus solution” click here (ect), and then again “world’s best firewall”.
Or the logo and say something like “Totally Free Internet Security Products”

Just my thoughts. tim

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Maybe have some type of picture/icon of a Komodo dragon. :slight_smile:

It should be a gif that should change every 1-2 seconds for example:

Secure Your PC for FREE
Free lifetime Firewall
Free lifetime Antivirus
Free lifetime support

Or something like that :wink:

Nice thought. Maybe a baby-dragon that protects a pc from attacks viruses, hackers, etc.
I would prefer a baby dragon because there are thousands of images with dragons,warriors or wizards.
Also these mystic figures attract mostly boys and men. A baby-junior image would also attract girls and women (at least I think)

how about:

Part of Secure Desktop Initiative
Free Security for your desktop

What we are doing is a big initiative and we want people to be part of it, so should there be a logo for tha initiative?



Well I’m not sure about a saying/slogan but I made a logo for the CPF it was a fast 5 minute thing so it’s not the best but it displays the CPF image clearly. The pic is my avatar.

I don’t think that a very generic slogan would help. And that’s because in mosts chases links with slogan like this point to sites that try to trick people for something they don’t really offer. When I see such links most fo time I don’t bother to check on them and I am sure that others do the same thing. That is why I suggested a gif on the previus post :wink:

I think the logo, whatever is used should always stay the same. For example, AntiVir uses a red umbrela, Symantec uses yellow/black moon. Point being a lot of people associate logo with product and this will be important for people to know Comodo. tim

I like very much the graphics of comodo appz, and for the antivirus, the “shield” that appears on the left top could be very nice for a logo… (i´m not to much into graphics or designs… so I can´t make it…).

While the idea of the shield is attractive and obvious, I think it might have too many similarities to the shield icon in Windows Security Centre. Apart from that, the SpywareAxe family of mongrels uses a shield in their inserted “ads”, and it is a nicely designed shield like the Comodo one.

Given that Comodo are trying to establish a “family” of PC related security products, I think we need to have a single logo for the family, but with a variation applied for each individual app. Off the top of my head - a stylised Komodo dragon - red for CAV, green for CPF, orange for CAS etc.

I’ll try and make enough time tonight to post some.

what do you think?
ewen :slight_smile:

Something like these …

ewen :slight_smile:

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Spread comodo initiative like spread firefox would work very well - :slight_smile:

Stick with your initial slogan “Creating Trust Online”. Pack this in a slick button image (just like the ones made for Firefox and you’re done. No need to include word “free” everywhere. People will start talking about it even without that phrase. And besides, it sound cool and serious.

Creating Trust Online

I like THAT idea!

same here today i will make some banner ideas… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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