What sport and why

As this forum is visited from people all over the world (-www-) i just thought i`d ask what sports is everyone into(if they are) and why do you like it so much.What is your favourite team be it a place or country,are there any unusual sports that are big where you live?
With the Olympics coming up soon in Beijing are there any events that should be included,i for one love the games and am looking forward to it but think cricket in some form should be included(even though the Aussies would win) :o

Who knows the weirdest sporting event around like in England they have a Cheese chasing competition where they basically roll a piece of cheese down a steep hill and everyone chases it,the first to the bottom wins!!

Matty :■■■■

Baseball,Football and hunting (does it count as a sport?)

Baseball: Always loved playing it when from age 6-14

Football: Still love playing it.

Hunting: Just fun.

WWE: smackdown! ;D
seriously, i like it better than the real wrestling.

Basketball, ice hockey and target shooting ( I like guns ) Peace O0