What should system be set at in my networking rules??

HI all was wondering what my system should be set at in my networking rules a think my global rules may have changed it when i had them messed up. I got them straightened out now so was wondering what system should be set as thanks all.

Outgoing only…stop playing around with everything already frogger. LOl. Just teasing. You can simply do a search also and find your answer. All I ever do with Comodo is install it and set D+ to Safe Mode. Everything else is stock and I never need to touch anything.


will this rule work ??
highlighted in red

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Its better to have it outgoing only. No need to bump. I was at a soccer game where I am the coach and the other modders are volunteers themselves.

it was geting down in the thread list lol that is outgoing only isn’t it ???

Out Going is a good choice …

You should apply it…


This look right now ???

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Yeah, that’s it.

Out Going Only is a Predefined rule which means select it and be done. The rule for it is already made.

I did :slight_smile: also did this on my other pc as well as it was not outgoing only :slight_smile: thanks all :BNC

Now you should export your settings so if you need them at a later date you’ll have them.

i have them exported :slight_smile: from my old setup i wish i was aware of importing them i would have not gone threw this lol. is it possible to import them with out a uninstall?? just curious

You can import and export all you want. It has nothing to do with uninstalling. But if you import an old rule set it will not have your current configuration. Like any program just do a weekly back up. if you make any changes or install something new and Comodo has learned it then simply export your settings. Its like creating a back up. Also remember that Windows does have a System Restore. If you made changes that you do not like then simply go back to a previous restore point.

ok question if i want to import them do i need to delete the curent ones first or will they erase them and add these back no these rules are only from beginning of week so if i can import them i get all my old settings back :slight_smile:

Just read the help file. Its all right there in front of you. If its an old export why keep it. But you can create as many as you want. Not sure what you mean.

Comodo Firewall Pro allows you to maintain, save and export multiple configurations of your firewall settings. This is especially useful if you are a network administrator looking to roll out a standard security configuration across multiple computers. This feature is also a great time saver for anyone with more than one computer because it allows you to quickly implement your firewall security settings on other computers that you own without having to manually re-configure them.

To access ‘Manage My Configurations’, navigate to ‘Miscellaneous > Manage My Configurations’. You have the following import/export options -

Click the area on which you would like more information:

Export my configuration to a file
Import a saved configuration from a file
Select a different active configuration setting
Delete a inactive configuration profile
Export my configuration to a file

If this is the first time you have accessed this interface you will see two preset choices -

‘COMODO - Optimum Security’ (which is the configuration ‘Firewall with Defense+ (recommended)’ )

‘COMODO - Network Security’ (which is the configuration ‘Firewall + Leak Test Protection’ )
The name of YOUR CURRENTLY ACTIVE CONFIGURATION will have a checkmark next to it. In the example shown above, ‘COMODO Network Security’ is the currently active profile. Important Note: Any changes you have made to the firewall settings since installation are recorded in this, active, profile.

You have the opportunity to export your current configuration (including changes made since installation) under the preset name (Optimum or Network Security). However, Comodo advise that you create a new name when you export your custom configuration.

To export your existing configuration, click the export button then your currently active configuration (in the example above, 'COMODO - Network Security). Type a filename for the profile (e.g. ‘My Firewall Profile’) and save to the location of your choice.

Import a saved configuration from a file

Importing a configuration profile allows you to store any profile within Comodo Firewall Pro. Any profiles you import do not become active until you select them for use

To import a profile choose ‘Import As…’ or ‘Import…’ . Browse to the location of the saved profile and click ‘Open’.

‘Import As…’ allows you to assign a different name for the profile when you import.

Once imported, the configuration profile is available for deployment by selecting it.

Select and Implement a different configuration profile

The ‘Select’ option allows you to quickly switch between configuration profiles. You will need to reboot for the new settings to take effect.

To select the imported configuration, click the ‘Select’ button and choose your profile.

Delete an inactive configuration profile

You can remove any unwanted configuration profiles using the ‘Delete’ button. You cannot delete the profile that the Firewall is currently using - only the inactive ones. In the example below, ‘My_Firewall_Configuration’ is greyed out because it is the currently active profile. You can however, delete the inactive profiles, ‘COMODO - Optimum Security’ and ‘COMODO - Network Security’.

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