What should I do?

Can someone please tell me what to do? These Trojans can’t be healed.
Download the file below for more info.

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Can’t you just delete them?

What happens if I delete them?

The first three on the list are in system restore. These are protected by windows and to remove items it is best to turn off system restore, clean the system up and then if you what to turn system restore back on.

To turn off restore for WinXP:
Click Start
Click Control panel
Double click System
Click Tab System Restore
Click to tick the box Turn Off System Restore for all drives

That will remove all restore information. It can be turned on again when the system is clean

The last item looks like it may be in the temporary Internet files. You could try deleting all files including the offline content using the item Internet Options in the control panel or a better option may be to find and download a program called CCleaner, it does a better job.

However if the item is being run on startup it will not delete. Do other scan and post the result again and I will have another go.


Also, try booting into SAFE mode and deleting them.

ewen :slight_smile: