What should I do here?

What should I do with these infected files in the picture?


Click on the link to access it.

Looks like Avast has already done what was required. It killed them!

The listing is just showing you what has been done and will give you an option to put the file back in case you really want to keep it.

Not all that familiar with Avast but somewhere will be an option to empty the “Virus Chest” and send them to binary heaven.


Keep them in the chest for at least 1 week, 2 won’t hurt, and see how your system runs, if it runs fine and you notice no damage then it is safe to delete them.

Whats up with the No Virus Detected files in the chest?

Just tried a quick google search and found a post in the Avast forum (8 months old) that indicates that the files were cleaned before being locked in the chest.

If this is true it would seem to be a bit strange, why bother to clean and then quarantine. But then I have no idea what buttons were clicked when the problem was originally detected. In the tradition of click everything and pray a lot anything could have happened


What if the files were important? I can tell the last two files are important, they’re the GameGuard files for Flyff that my brother plays.

The file gamemon.des seems to be a problem for a few AV programs. Probably it is being detected for its virus like activity, actually it would seem to be a bit scary, but that is beyond the point.

As above I am not all that familiar with Avast but if you select the items in the virus chest it is possible to restore the files back to their original location. The Avast forum suggests that the file then be submitted to them as a possible false positive it should also be possible to have Avast mark the files as safe for future scans.

The files from the temp folder can be deleted, nothing that is in temp is important.

The hits in System Restore are actually the Zlob virus, or seem to be with those file names, and can be removed.

Last time you posted here you had AVG 7.5 which also detected Zlob in system restore, if you have a look in that post you will see how to get rid of them.