what should i choose?

i met a alert today that wga.exe(i have also checked,it is located at c:windows\system32) wanted to connect to the internet,should i allow it or not?

Hello, please submit the file to

www.virustotal.com and/or http://camas.comodo.com/cgi-bin/submit

This should tell you whether or not the file is suspecious.

Kyle beat me to it, it doesn’t look good so stop it for now anyway.

well,i guess it is something about windows geniue advantage,however,comodo can not recognise this file?

Wga.exe can also be malware, You should scan it with the above scanners to see.

Because comodo does not reconise wga.exe I’ts probable that it’s malware… (I could be wrong though)
If it is found to be malware you should scan the system with Super Anti Spyware\Mbam\Avira Free.

i guess this file is a part of the operating system,so everyone’s computer should contain this file,but why cis can not recognise it???
thank u

Don’t be so sure, see here:


You need to do what Kyle advised.

are you sure it is wga.exe? maybe you mean wgatray.exe and that file is a legitimate file to allow by defense + or the firewall. This usually pops up during windows update and stuff… wga.exe is malware… I think…

My Windows XP has no wga.exe in the system32 folder. It does have the legit wgatray.exe and wgalogin.dll.

The wga.exe you are seeing is not a part of the Windows Genuine Advantage files. It is more than likely malware. Please submit it to one of the above mentioned online scanners. Also have your system scanned with a couple of antiwpyware scanners.