What Security Softwares are you running along with CPF beta?[CLOSED]

What Security Softwares are you running along with CPF beta?

Please If you found out that software to be incomptible ith CPF V3 Post your bugreport in the 32bit or 64 bit childboard.

I use Avast! Home Edition, SpywareBlaster, Spybot S&D, Lavasoft Ad-aware, Comodo Memory Guardian and HijackThis.
By the way, why can I only choose three of them? ???
5 options applies to me; Avast, SpywareBlaster, Spybot, HijackThis, Other(Ad-aware).


So many? :o Oh well! I bet I guessed the wrong number. I changed the maximum number of choices to 6. :wink:
You may remove your votes an resubmit them if you wish so.

I don’t see any Poll?

I use Bitdefender and CounterSpy.

Comodo Firewall Pro 3V Beta

  • Host file.

I have also Avira Antivir + AVG Antispyware + Hijack This installed on my machine, but without a realtime protection. I scan my computer once a week and had no detection so far.

Because of Comodo’s HIPS i dare to run my machine without realtime antivirus software. I have had no problems at all.

Nevertheless, staying secured on internet depends most of all the user itself. So i would not recommend give up your realtime protection unless you know what you are doing.

CAVS and BOC are the only other active security apps; and due to CFPv3b’s HIPS, the HIPS in CAVS is disabled.

BitDefender Free (on-demand only) as an AV backup.

a-squared free (on-demand only) as a general backup.

I have some other security tools which are only used if it seems necessary - HJT (which you have listed 2x in the poll, btw), IceSword, GMER, a2 Hijack Free, Rootkit Revealer. From this group, I have only used a2 Hijack Free since installing CFPv3b (and that was only to make some startup changes, since I have cut off access to msconfig).


Every now and then I run the online scanners Live OneCare beta and TrendMicro HouseCall 6.6 beta, just to see if they can dig up some malware my real time anti-virus has missed (and some of the nows and thens they do).

I also use some other security tools, among them SuperScan and Blacklight, and online services like ShieldsUp! and BrowserSpy.

All this works fine with CFP3 beta on Vista 32-bit.

Prosecurity, together with Kerio 2.1.5, does EVERYTHING CFP does, only differences are, Prosecurity is extremely low on resources, keeps your system stable and still offers better protection than CFP 3.

Please remember this thread is for listing programs that users run with CFP 3, not by themselves or comparisons to other software. The purpose is to help devs gather info on potential conflicts with CFP 3.

I run with CFP CAVS, or Prevx (www.prevx.com).
But prevention is better than Antivirus scanner, so i prefer kind of HIPS :slight_smile:


I run nod32, BOC, and CFW 3 beta :BNC

debating on dumping nod32 because hips is really good.

lol, the best one, Opera or Firefox. Also use Process Guard, Proxomitron and AntiVir. No problems with these and Outpost for 5 years running… knock on wood.

Well I uninstalled Process Guard as there is no need for it with CPF HIPS. I am still cleaning out what it left behind!