What security software do you recommend along with Comodo

Hi. I am using Comodo Firewall with Defense+ as a part of the following setup:

a. Comodo Firewall + Defense+
b. Avast Antivirus
c. WinPatrol (free version)
d. Mamutu anti-malware for behavior-based blocking (only Mamutu, not full A-squared Antimalware)
e. Malware Bytes Anti-Malware MBAM (free version) for manual scans weekly
f. MVPS HOSTS file
g. Firefox 3.5 browser with Noscript and AdBlockPlus extensions

A. What security setup do you use/recommend along with Comodo Firewall?

I also had a few specific queries:
B. Do i need a real-time anti-spyware scanner (e.g. MBAM Pro, Superantispyware Pro or like)? They slow down net browsing noiceably.
C. Is Mamutu anti-malware redundant in my setup? It hardly ever generates any messages, and till now always generated for trusted/known appliances only.
D. Do i need a rootkit, keylogger detector?
D. Any other additions you would recommend.

Wow That’s a lot.
You are safe enough with Comodo and Avast as a AV. You could change Avast for Avira or MSE.
And offcourse MBAM for a second opinion

Don’t forget back-up software.