What rules should I have for svchost.exe and explorer.exe?

Whenever I restart my computer, which isn’t very often, I receive pop-ups from Comodo Firewall concerning svchost.exe and explorer.exe. So I have allowed them. I also get a pop-up for explorer.exe when a search my computer for a file using Windows Search, which I have set to block and log. My question is, does everyone know a complete set of rules I should have for these two so I won’t be prompted with anymore connection attempts?

Below is a pic of my current rules for them.

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I have svchost.exe and explorer.exe both set to Outgoing Only, but some people prefer a stricter rule set. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I could set them both to outgoing only, but what about the inbound connection I keep getting from my router, which is DHCP? Should I just ignore it? How am I going to get my IP through DHCP everytime I restart my computer if I set svchost.exe to outgoing only? Pic of this connection below.

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Your rule is fine for DHCP especially as you have set a IP range I do not need one as I have set a fixed IP.

The is for local traffic.
I block the second does not cause problems it might for you.
Block rule you could remove the IP and make any.
Also have one other because I run a proxy this blocks explorer internet access aswell as the block on port 80.


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Alright, Dennis2, thanks.

One last question, what exactly is explorer doing when it tries to make a connection to on port 1900?

Not sure will post link here, I am sure it has been explained on the forum somewhere.
Both are for incoming connections but it explains what the address and port is used for UPnP.

Thanks again, Dennis2.