What REAL meaning of D+ "Enchanced protection" is?

Is it “protection” of apps (more deep control) or self-protection of CIS? Is it “common” or mostly 64bit-aimed as said somewhere around? Is it… etc.?

The previous way that CIS hooked into 64bit OS could be defeated by some malware. Enhanced protection resolves this.

You can use either on 32 bit systems, though the new mode may be a little less stable. You may be able to use the new mode on 32 bit system to resolve conflicts with other security programs.

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I.e. “this mode mostly useless for a “generic” 32bit”, am I right?

But what kind of “conflicts” do You mean? And what kind of “security programs”? Firewalls? Sandboxes? Dumb file scanners like some anti-adware?

Please see this FAQ:

Hi mouse,

If i understood correctly Enhanced protection, increases the protection in 64 bits, but it still will not be able to offer exactly the same protection that cis offers with 32 bits.

Basically CIS 32 bits (without Enhanced protection) is stronger that CIS 64 bits with Enhanced protection.

Is my conclusion correct?


Not sure on that one - I do know that stability provisions in 64 bit systems make things more difficult. I think 5.8 has pretty much got over this. Maybe Egemen could comment.

Ok. Thanks for the answer Mouse.
Let´s hope Egemen can clarify.

Yes Egemen, please do… also it’s nice to see 64bit is getting the attention it deserves lately. :-TU