What programs do you use with Comodo?

I use Zemana Antilogger on my main computer while I have Immunet on my VM. Both do a great job working along with Comodo. :slight_smile:

Well, in terms of real-time protection, I am not using anything else. Comodo properly configured covers malware protection and exploit payloads more than adequately. In terms of browser protection I use Avira Safe Shopping (tracking and adblock disabled), and uBlock origin. VirusTotal Uploader to upload files.

IMO for Comodo properly configured there is no need for any third party real-time software But Zemana + Immunet are good choices for added signatures. Just don’t bother with Malwarebytes real-time :'(. MBAM was excellent back in 2008-2012, but unfortunately it doesn’t hold in 2017.

Zemana AntiLogger with real-time protection turned off (only keep the privacy thingie with keystroke encryption) since it DOESN’T ASK YOU BUT RATHER REMOVES IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE ■■■■■ USER CHOICE RIGHT?! … And couple that insane decision with terrible false-positives… yeah… Oh by the way, they REMOVED the ability to have it ask when it recognises something. They had it and then removed it.


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