What products are discontinued

I have looked in your section of “discontinued products” but I could not find System Utilities. I have checked your section for this product and it seems to have not activity since 2013.

What I would like to know is the following are these products still available and updated:

System Utilities or has it been replaced by Cleaning Essentials. If not where is the free product link for it.

Also for the chrom browser is there any pdf guide to personalize it available for download.

I put this post in here as a general question, as I was not sure what section to put it.

Thanks for responding.

Hi Grail,
To be honest, I am not to sure what happened to Comodo System Utilities. :-
We haven’t officially be notified about it being discontinued, but it isn’t available on the home page.

Comodo Cleaning Essentials has not replaced Comodo System Utilities.
Comodo Cleaning Essentials is designed to fight malware on infected systems.
Comodo System Utilities is a privacy, obsolete software cleaner and system optimizer tool.

Currently a PDF guide for Chromodo is not available, Dragons PDF guide would be similar which may help.

Kind regards.