What product does this logo represent?

What do you see in this logo?

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If you mean visually;
New style Comodo “C” overlaying a dragons eye (or a lizards).

I see him.

But the logo is not suitable for COMODO products.
Because it’s suitable for the games , not the security softwares…

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It doesn’t obviously stand out as anything, So it’s probably not suitable :wink:



There are definitely reptilian connotations in there, also a hint of a ‘C’. possibly indicating Comodo. It’s also a little like an icon one might see associated with a fantasy game of some sort.

I’d guess it’s trying to say Comodo’s looking (watching out for) after us although I’m not sure it’s specifically product related. Perhaps it’s something to do with v4…

It actually reminded me of a hawk (or other similar bird of prey).


At first glance, a dragons eye with a snake around it.


Fake Antivirus. ;D :-TU

No but, reminds me of an animal with gloving eyes… Perhaps If you guys are out for a new logo of something present like 3 images and have a voting… What looks the best… 88) :-TU

It looks like something from a George Orwell’s nightmarish totalitarian society.

I hope you don’t use it as a new logo. It gives me the bloody creeps.

A nice logo. 88)

I’m easily satisfied with appearances. :slight_smile:

It seems like something powerful, watching out for something (or someone). Perhaps to protect us?

I’m not a great believer in logos, but I’ll give my couple o’ cents:

It’s right up there with other logos I see. That is to say, it doesn’t stand out as either good or bad. Nevertheless, I am a fan of reptilians (my first interpretation: reptilian eye within a circle) and Comodo, so I am automatically partial to it.

However, it might suffer from something my brother and I call, for lack of a better phrase, ‘trying too badly to appear cool’ syndrome.

Btw, I’m fascinated by Graham1’s interpretation, which sees a snake around it, which reminds me of the iconic spiritual symbol of a snake swallowing its own tail. Goethe did a drawing once of a serpent encircling a star, with a caption reading something like:

Without haste, without rest,
each around his own burden.

It rhymes in German:

Ohne Hast, ohne Rast,
Jeder um seine eigene Last.

…I’m surprised I can’t find it on wikiquote. I read it in a biography, so I’m inclined to believe it’s a true quote, at worst one that has historically been commonly misattributed to his person.

Whether or not this quote can be applied to Comodo is something we can all ponder…

btw, Creasy, that’s a cute comodo dragon pic. Of course, unless I was Steve Irwin, I wouldn’t try to go near it.