What processes (.exe) should show in XP's task manager with CIS running?

Windows XP home edition, SP3, 1 ghz processor, 512mb RAM. Other real-time protection - Windows Defender.

Although Windows Security Centre recognises that Comodo Firewall is on, and that “Comodo Antivirus reports that it is up to date and virus scanning is on,” I’m a little dubious. Either this is a magnificently light-on-resources anti-virus, or it’s not actually doing anything.

Could someone tell me what should be showing under Task Manager’s “processes”? I can see cmdagent.exe and cfp.exe - presumably these are part of CIS.

If it’s relevant - installation was an absolute pain. When it reached the stage where it wanted to do a scan before completing installation, I told it to go ahead, it started updating and then just hung. Task Manager said that it wasn’t responding, so I ended the process - and the installation went ahead. I rebooted and found that I had the firewall, but no anti-virus. I uninstalled, then reinstalled - this time leaving it for 47 minutes (timed it), at which stage it plodded through the scan. The subsequent reboot went better - the AV, firewall and Defence Plus all showed up as active on the Comodo interface.

If the AV really IS there, then it’s using hardly any resources (which would be great). I’d just like to be sure that I actually have an AV up and running.

Settings - AV real-time scanning is set to “On Access” (seems to be a more secure setting than “Stateful”? - whatever that means - Comodo terminology is a serious challenge to those of us who’re not that computer-literate), the firewall is set to Custom mode and Defence Plus to Safe mode.

(I’ve just started an AV scan - which seems to be running OK - the first I’ve tried - interesting to see how it goes.)

Thanks for reading this - I’ll “check back” periodically during the afternoon, in case anyone has any suggestions.

There are only the two processes you have mentioned, it’s very light on resources. On my system the combined utilisation is 10 to 12MB.

If you have any doubts about your installation, run the diagnostics option from the Miscellaneous tab.

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That’s great - many thanks for that,

I ran the diagnostics option prior to posting - sorry, should have mentioned that. No problems there.

The scan found a few threats, which is interesting. I’d just uninstalled Avira, which doesn’t let much through. Anyway, they’re safely quarantined.

Thanks again!