What part of "do not ask again" doesn't Comodo understand?

The first time I ran an antivirus scan it found some malware. A screen popped up and asked me if I wanted Gekk buddy to help me remove the viruses. I scoffed and selected “do not ask me again” I will try to repair the infection myself. Last night I ran another scan and it found some more malware and the Geek buddy screen popped up again and I had to select “do not remind me again” again.

So what seems to be the problem? I don’t understand why someone wants to remote desktop into my PC to quarantine a file. Is there something wrong with the antivirus that it needs live help by an expert every time it finds a virus?

The option to use Geek buddy should be in the system preferences. But instead it pops up automatically on it’s own when you run a scan. Users are saying it’s annoying and useless. I realize Comodo wants to make $ but pushing sales by obtrusive ads is something that drove users away from Avira and some people say Comodo nags too much as it is.

In the situation of personal stress, there should not pop up something that might ask for interest on “money” costing services.
For example, my parents would think, its part of a virus :smiley:

A better way would be, to give this decision among the others in the (scroll)-menu:
-Get support from geek buddy service (might take a fee)