What other prevention software are you using?

With all the bad publicity about CIS, e.g., bugs that ruin people’s computers or prevent any software from running, what other prevention software are you using?

I’m currently using Sandboxie to surf the web so that should I get a malware infection, I can easily erase the infection by simply emptying the sandbox. It’s much more user-friendly than answering D+ alerts. I tried GeSWall, but with the free version, you have to create your own rules for applications you want to isolate, whereas with the professional version, you get database updates so that the rules are already created for you. Also, when I tried to isolate Adobe Acrobat Professional in GeSWall, I got an error message from Adobe Acrobat Professional saying that a serious error has occurred and can’t continue, which is not good if I want to read a PDF document without getting infected.

I was using Sandboxie (great bit of software), but I recently switched to using a Limited User Account, and a Software Restriction Policy, so I uninstalled it.

Beanie :slight_smile:

I have tried Sandboxie in the past but generally, I use limited accounts on my XP computers. I’m using CIS for prevention and will continue too.


I am using CIS as my first line of defense