What other CEO from different AV vendors are doing?

I was inspired on one of latest threads here, about COMODO CEO.

What about other AV vendors CEO?

Enrique Salem: “Our business is all about helping our customers secure and manage their information – to enable an environment of confidence.”

Eugene Kaspersky: “We learn a lot from our fans about their requirements. Anytime and anywhere, we hear and we are near our customers. We strive for the best products for our customers.”

Richard Marko: “The computer security sector is constantly growing and evolving in response to threats to computer users from all over the world, so it is imperative that our services are available to as many consumers as possible. We will continue to innovate and expand to provide more customers with the most reliable security solutions on the market today.”

Florin Talpes: “We are committed to continuing to offer our customers new ways to protect their personal information, […] that will provide added levels of security to our customers that our competitors don’t have.”

David DeWalt (ex): “Our commitment to safeguarding your PCs and other digital assets from hackers and cybercriminals remains steadfast. We are determined to provide our customers with the highest levels of security.”

Do you believe they’re achieving this?

you will maybe know AFTER you have paid :slight_smile: