What Operating system do you have?

Windows XP Home Edition.


Windows Vista Ultimate SP1

And on external disk - Hackintosh - MacOS Leopard 10.5.2 ;D

Windows XP Pro SP3 on work PC

Vista Home Premium SP1 at home

(Both working very well with CFP3).


XP Pro SP3

Main partition: Debian Lenny.
Small partition: XP Home

XP Pro SP3 :-TU


Microsoft Windows eXPerience Professional Service Pack 3 (:WIN)

XP Pro SP3 (SP2 with SP3 in via nLite and things left out).

Have tried some Linux distros but given up 'til they are easy enough for me.

  1. XP Home Sp 2

  2. Dual XP Pro Sp 2 + Win 98

XP Home SP3

Vista Home Premium SP1

Vista Ultimate SP1


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