What not to do when Comodo becomes bona fide

Here is an example on what not to do as a community when Comodo becomes ICSA and VB100 certified. Please don’t fall into this trap of institutionalization. Warning: the following link is not the inside of a Salvation Army Homeless shelter. It is a real company’s antivirus forum:

http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=31670.0 :THNK


Do you ever do anything other than bitch, moan and groan?
You try to start troubles in one forum and then post a link to that useless
post you started in this forum.
Don’t you have anything better to do? ???
If the avast! forum where such a company oriented forum, then why are there at least 5 or more
active Comodo post currently in use?
Grow up! Concentrate on helping others. there’s enough strife in this world.

huh ??? what is this? migration? ;D (kidding guys).
welcome anyway (:HUG)

Its just a member for Avast! Home for Orphans following me around the Internet. Bloody hounding me.

Amazing, now on top of all your other problems, you seem to have developed a complex. :Beer

Arrrrrrr, begad and shivers me timbers! A swab from the scurvy infected Avast! pirate ship! Up all de night bilge sucking grog I see. I don’t have a complex. I be on the account for those brethen of the coast. Meet me and my cat near the poop deck and we will see who feed the fish. Yo-ho-ho!


…must be a full moon! :o