What Network Zones To Setup?

Below is the route table from my Netopia DSL modem/router.
What network zones should I set up in Comodo ver. 4.1?
My NIC is currently set to
DHCP and DNS server exist on the router. DHCP address range is -

IP Route Table:

Network Address-Mask------------------via Router--------------------Port---------------------Type— xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx WAN vcc1 Default Loopback Local Ethernet 100BT Local Ethernet 100BT Local Ethernet 100BT Bcast – Other – Other – Bcast

If you want to make your complete network trusted you can add the following IP address mask

If you only want to add certain IP address you can choose to manually add them one by one.


I am still trying to learn how to set up easily my zones.

I got this:



You see, I got several zones in my lan and since I trust all my pc’s and virtual guests :slight_smile: (VirtualBox) I want to have one Homezone/Heimnetz zone that covers all. How can I set it up?

Is my attempt correct?


Your Heimnetz already covers your wishes. The subnet mask tells that to 192 168.255.255 is trusted. That encompasses Vobx, Home #1 and Home #3 networks.

Can you show me a screenshot of your Global Rules (Globale Regeln it is called in the German UI I think)?

Thanks for looking Eric
<img src=“http://i47.tinypic.com/2mw9mas.png

First we are going to clean up your Global Rules. Remove the following entries:
Home #1
Home #2
Home #3
Vvox 1
Lokales Netzwerk #1

Then go the Firewall → Application Rules and look up the rule for System. Edit the rule for System and remove the above entries.

Now we have a clean starting point and we will make Heimnetzwerk a trusted network. For the following please put the user interface to English.

Go to Firewall → Stealth Ports Wizard → choose option 1 Define a new trusted network and make my ports stealth for everyone else → choose option 1 "I would like to trust one of Network Zones → choose Heimnetzwerk and click on OK.

We are done now. You can check now under Global Rules and the rule for System and see the changes made.

Dear Eric, thank you alot!

That was tutorialbolic :slight_smile:

Once question remains for me since you didnt loose a word about it. Shall I delete the other Zones in the zones tab too or must they remain since CIS/FW is set to take notice of each new network(card). So, each time I set up a virtual machine with its own nic those are detected and listed under the zones tab.
For the matter of fact, only if their ip und subnet fall into Homenet’s(Heimnetz) then their traffic is trustful.

So, I must make sure that the Homenet’s(Heimnetz) rule covers all possible VM’s and PC’s in my lan. Are my settings then correct


It is up to you. The Network Zones list is there for convenience for when you want to make a network trusted.

The most important this is that we reduced the number of Global Rules and made Heimnetz the new trusted umbrella for various local networks.

For the matter of fact, only if their ip und subnet fall into Homenet's(Heimnetz) then their traffic is trustful.
Exactly. You are hitting the proverbial nail on the head.
So, I must make sure that the Homenet's(Heimnetz) rule covers all possible VM's and PC's in my lan. Are my settings then correct
Heimnetz already covers the various local networks you are using.